How to Identify Major Issues Using Webmaster Tools

Are you using Google’s Webmaster Tools for your website? If not, you should be – it’s quick and simple to set up and can really help you to make the most from your site.

After registering your site with Webmaster Tools, you’ll be able to use it to enhance user experience and understand your customers a little better. But best of all, Google’s tool helps you to see where your site could be improved. Here are the issues you can identify and improve using Webmaster Tools:

404 Errors

Users hate it when they try to visit a page that’s listed on your website and it doesn’t work – taking them to a 404 error page instead. Thankfully, whenever a visitor clicks on a broken link like this on your site, Webmaster Tools makes a note of it and lets you know where it’s happened. To find if there are any 404 errors on your website, click on the Health menu and then look on the Crawl Errors page.

Any 404 errors on your site will then be listed – letting you know so that you can go through each page on your website’s content management system and replace them with a link that works.


Unoptimized Content

If your website isn’t easy for Google to read then you’ll struggle to show up on the world’s most popular search engine – potentially preventing thousands of people from visiting your site. The HTML Improvements tab on the Optimization menu gives you a report of some SEO issues your site may have, such as having duplicate content and page titles.

By creating unique page titles and meta descriptions you’re much more likely to rank higher in Google and other search engines – as well as making your site more attractive to potential customers.

Bad Links to your Website

Because of shady work that’s been done by some internet marketers in the past, Google has been clamping down on websites that are linked to by other untrustworthy, ‘spammy’ websites. On Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll be warned if you have unnatural link profile, while you can also see which sites have linked to yours – just look at the Links to Your Site page of the Traffic menu.

You can also see how many of your web pages are linked to by these other sites. Google will react suspiciously if you have thousands of links from one site – particularly if it’s from an unrelated sector – to just one specific page on yours, so consider contacting that site’s webmaster to have your links removed.

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